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Course Overview

The course thoroughly explores the area of Project Risk. Participants will learn to maximize the results of positive project events and minimize the consequences of internal and external adverse events to the project. It will cover risk management from an initial foundation in risk concepts through to leading edge processes. However, all that will be presented is founded on practical processes that have been used and are proven to deliver improved business outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what are risks and key risk management concepts.
  • Know how to identify, analyze and plan for risk responses.
  • Utilize various quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques for risk analysis.
  • Monitor and report risks and their status.

Workshop Outline

  • Project Risk Management: an overview
  • Case Study: “name of case study”
  • Risk Register Development
  • Probability-Impact matrix
  • Risk Response planning
  • Comparative insights to risk management
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Case Study: “name of case study”
  • Risk Register and PIM revisited
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis Tools
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis Tools
  • Risk Response Strategies
  • Controlling risks: Assessments and audits
  • New trends in Risk Management
  • Course Recap and closing assessment

Course Duration

24 hours

Workshop Format

Interactive presentation of course material, case studies, in-class discussions and exercises, group work and engaging activities

Intended Audience

Project Managers, Project coordinators, Risk Managers, Risk Control Officers, Program Managers, Project Management Team, Senior Managers, Functional Managers, Executives, Owners and Directors


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